RIP David Bowie

bowie sideways

Just 2 days after turning 69 and releasing his new album, ‘Blackstar’, legendary music icon David Bowie has left us and returned to the stars.

He now journeys onwards, back to his stardust kingdom.

There will never be another like you, David.

You rocked my mojo and ruled my wild bohemian heart.

Below are my favourite performances that showed him mellowing into his vintage prime.

‘Let’s Dance’ is pretty much one of my ultimate dance anthems EVER to get me into the groove. This ‘Live by Request’ performance showed just how uber he was. Enjoy!

This live performance at Glastonbury totally rocked me inside out. Phenomenal outfit. That hair. The man. An incomparable enigma.

Another live performance of ‘China Girl’… I actually leaked a few tears watching this one…