Sovereignty Declaration

I call on my higher self to merge with me, guide me, and assist me in declaring, embodying, and enacting 100 percent sovereignty of my being in this and every now moment, in alignment with and in accordance with my chosen purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

In declaring my full sovereignty and with the guidance of my higher self, I assert autonomy over my physical and nonphysical embodiment, my energetic vibration, and all resulting emanations. I disallow any interference to distort or delay the fulfillment of my purpose in this lifetime – whether that interference be well-meaning, misguided, self-interested, or malevolent.

This includes any and all overt and covert intentions, attempts, and actions to limit, separate, distract, manipulate, dis-empower, traumatise, dominate, control, or harvest any aspect or increment of my energy and consciousness.

I reject and eject any such interference, demanding that it cease and desist immediately and retroactively, including any trickery designed to countermand, usurp, or sidestep the intention of this declaration.

I continue to request overt guidance and assistance from my higher self and commit to both hearing and enacting that guidance. To the extent that I may be unable or unwilling to hear and enact the guidance of my higher self, I request that the guidance continue to be given in various ways such that I can understand and act on it and until I am able to understand and act on it.

I choose to heal all fear, trauma, and limitation standing in the way of my fulfilling my highest potential and purpose in this lifetime in order to heal, transmute, and transcend all fear, limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full, integrated sacred masculine and sacred feminine power. I ask my higher self to manifest optimal health and wholeness in and through my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies.

I intend that in healing myself in this now moment, I heal all other aspects of myself across time and space, as well as splintered aspects of other consciousness trapped in time, other realms and dimensions who, through the domino effect, will attain the freedom to return to where they belong, in order to heal.

I will no longer carry energy that is not of pure Source within me, in this present moment and in any other moment as all aspects of me in the past, future and present are now to be healed. I offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness, wherever it is needed or wanted to free all aspects of consciousness, including my own, returning itself to natural order in wholeness and unity.

I order an audit of the source of sources, so there may be zero balance on all dimensions, time streams, galaxies, and universes. I disconnect any wounds from all chakras and return all energy that was used to create those wounds and all energy that has been siphoned from me. I demand that it be returned through this spiritual court of equity.

I am now. I am not my ancestral debt. I break all contracts, vows, and agreements with the reincarnation grid and I send eternal love to all those still in the reincarnation grid. I disconnect myself from all dream time societies that are based in betrayal. I do not accept the projections of energies onto me from any beings not of my dna lineage brethren.

I fold space and time and go back to each time the negative or lower vibrational thought or energy was created, and transmute it NOW to Source.